Step Right Up to CLAWney Island on Saturday, May 28!

Come and see World's Most Dangerous Women at the CLAWney Island freakshow on Saturday, May 28th at 8 pm at the Blue Moon. We'll have 8 ladies with anywhere from 13-19 arms duking it out for the title belt and the trophy. All proceeds go to A FERTILE Foundation which offers unique opportunities for individuals with special needs to connect with nature, animals, and their community. For ringside seating, contact Tara Hodges at A FERTILE Foundation at Also, don't miss our funky-ass house band, We Are Star Children , and our featured freaky musical act Mister Baby!

6 thoughts on “Step Right Up to CLAWney Island on Saturday, May 28!

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  2. Had a hard time seeing the wrestlers enter and exit at the last CLAW. Would be amazing if you had a catwalk to amp up their entrances!

    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your feedback. We agree with you that the entrances need to be more visible. In addition to showing them on the video display on the ceiling of the tent, we’re making some space layout & event format changes to give an improved view of the wrestlers’ entrances. We hope to have catwalks built in the future.

      Hope to see you on May 28th-

      xx Rosie the Wrist Twister

  3. I am new to the area and just found this! How awesome! Can you tell me where Blue Moon is? Or did I just miss it on your site?

  4. Hi Ladies! Had a great time Saturday evening. Thanks for breaking out the brawn and beauty for a fun time! Look forward to your next go’round in the future. Loved the costumes as usual!

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