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July 11th, 2015

September 19th, 2015

Past Matches & Lineups

May 9th, 2015

BeCLAWse I Said So.

Reverend Blackbusch (Trina Candia)
The Exorcisor (Alethea Leventhal)
The Notorious RBG (Amy Sarah Marshall)**
Rainbow Fright(Sidney Headings)
Sarah Painlin (Amy Strunk)
Black Power Puff (Marissa Turner-Harris)*
Robin Hood (Amie Whitmore)
Bunny Hoo Hoo (Mendy St. Ours)

Celebrity Judges: Jim “Forever” Waive, Jay Katowski, Yami Ortiz

August 23rd, 2014:


Rainbow Fright(Sidney Headings)
The Exorcisor (Alethea Leventhal)
Snowbird (Dolly Joseph)
Twink (Rebecca Belt)
Betty Bookworm (Amie Whitmore)
Laura Ingalls go-Wilder (Jessica Beverage)
Sailor Doom (Barbra M. Roberts)
Red Barron (Sydney Schmitt)

Celebrity Judges: Shawn Decker, Gwen Barringer, Jim “The Eternal” Waive

June 21, 2014:

Hot CLAW in the Summertime!

Afro-Dytee (Trina Candia) * **
Darth Mater (Caitlin Macleod)*
Sarah Painlin (Amy Strunk)
Ringleader (Dolly Joseph)
Sailor Doom (Barbara M. Roberts)
The Decomposer (Jenny Mikulski)
Rainbow Fright (Sidney Headings)
Millertime (Miller Murray Sadface Susen)

Celebrity Judges: Alethea “The Exorcisor” Leventhal, Sarah White, Jim “Permanence” Waive

May 10, 2014:

CLAW’s Your Mom!

Reverend Blackbusch (Trina Candia)
Darth Mater (Caitlin Macleod)*
Sarah Painlin (Amy Strunk)
Nurse Wretched (Rebecca Stewart)
Juicy Fruit (Carmell Martino)
The Exorcisor (Alethea Leventhal)
Hester Prynne (Jessica Beverage)**
General Discontent (Rebecca Perini)

Celebrity Judges: Jim “Endurance” Waive, Andy Deane, Tony Lechmanski

August 24, 2013:

Malice in Wonderland (Lindsay O’Connor)
Edward Scissorhands (Carmell Martino)
Dulce Muerte (Trina Candia)*
Pride (Amy Marshall)**
Suggestion Box (Dolly Joseph)
Bergina the Bulge (Jessica Beverage)
Scarilyn Monroe (Daphne Latham)
Warren Bluffit (Connie Jorgensen)

Celebrity Judges: Debra Guy, Russell Willis Taylor, Jim “The Eternal” Waive

April 27, 2013:

Annie Knock Knox (Miller Murray Susen)
Cicada (Dolly Joseph)
MoJo (Jodie Plaisance)**
Reverend Blackbusch (Trina Candia)*
Pit Master (Serena Gruia)
CLAWficer Pain (Kristen Rabourbin)
Abominable Lohan (Katie Heil)
Hester Prynne (Jessica Beverage)

Celebrity Judges: Jim “Everlasting” Waive, Amy Woolard, Common Ground Celebrity

November 3, 2012:

Malice in Wonderland (Lindsay O’Connor)  **                                                                                 School Marm (Dolly Joseph)                                                                                                            Hester Prynne (Jessica Beverage)                                                                                                   Sarah Painlin (Amy Strunk)                                                                                                                 Tropical Depression (Mendy St. Ours)                                                                                           Tragedy Ann (Reagan Greenfield) *                                                                                                 The Accomodater (Laura Galgano)                                                                                                Rita the Wrench (NormaJean Hultman)

Celebrity Judges: Boomie Pederson, Browning Porter, Jim “Infinty” Waive

SuperCLAW June 16 1st National CLAW 

Homewrecker! (Kara Dawson)

March 24, 2012

Zippo the Dame of Flame (Malaina Poore)
La Leche (Dolly Joseph)
Rita the Wrench (NormaJean Hulton) *
Hester Pyrat (Jessica Beverage)**
Breastfed Ned (Molly Joseph)
Malice in Wonderland (Lindsay O’Connor)
Miss Con(tra)ception (Jenni Case)
Tip Top Twins (Denise Stewart, Mendy St. Ours)

Celebrity Judges: Rev. Blackbusch, Malaina Poore, Jim “Lifetime” Waive

May 28, 2011:

Terrible Tarot Allard (Terri Allard)
The Serpentine Slammer (Sara Taube)
Strawberry Tallcake (Mieke Zylstra)
Siren-a Shockwave (Daphne Latham)
Miss CLAWney Island (Katy Nash)
Deb Bea 4arms (Dolly & Molly Joseph)
Pitbull (Tara Hodges)
Ady Dee (Maisie Osteen) ***

February 25, 2011:

Susen B. Anthony (Miller Susen)
June the Cleaver (Leah Woody)**
Calamity Jenni (Jenni Wright)
Josafiend Breaker (Melissa Pancurak)
Tragedy Ann (Reagan Greenfield)
Achilles Hell-a (Lauren Moran)*
Nilla WasteHer (Christy Baker)
The Madonna (Mendy St. Ours)

November 12, 2010:

Muffin Top Tennesee (Denise Stewart)
La Animal (Maisie Osteen)
Emmazon (Emma Keiswetter)
Tropical Depression of the Jamaican Mafia (Mendy St. Ours)*
Jock (b)Itch (Michaux Hood)
The Punctuator (Cathy Harding)**
SparKills (Lara Fisher)
The School Marm (Dolly Joseph)

July 25, 2009:

Kaity the Harrible (Kaity Harr)
Spawn of Bridezilla (Serena Gruia)
Pitbull (Tara Hodges)
Purple Haze (Amy McLeskey)
Punctuator (Cathy Harding)
Jock (B)Itch (Michaux Hood)
Morton Assault Girl (Sara Elizabeth)
Stiletto Southpaw (Bree Luck)***

November 11, 2008:

Kaity The Harrible (Kaity Harr)
The Homewrecker (Kara Dawson)
Bridezilla (Serena Gruia)
Tragedy Ann (Reagan Greenfield)
Trixie “The Vault” Mancini (Steph Finn)
Pitbull (Tara Hodges)
Tinkerhell (Kristin Hennings Solomon)
C-Ville Knievel (Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell)

Celebrity Judges: Author Rita Mae Brown and Permanent Lifetime Judge (and musical wunderkind) Jim Waive

October 14, 2008:

Strawberry Paincake (Liz Costello)
Tinkerhell (Kristin Solomon)
Great Dane Dame of Pain (Karina Goldstein)
Full Moon Cockamato (Shell Stern)
The Crone (Kay Leigh Ferguson)
C-VILLE Knievel (Jennifer Tidwell)***
Gaylord of the Dark Side (Hope Temple)
Sarah “Barracuda” Palin (Holly Hatcher)

Celebrity Judges: Live Arts peeps Daryl, Grady, and Satch, and Permanent Lifetime Judge (and musical wunderkind) Jim Waive

September 9, 2008:

The Glamma Slamma (Megan Weary)
The Fighting Cocktease (Becky Reid)
Mile High Missy (Missy Colombo)
Kat the Great (Kat Thompson)
Pitbull (Tara Hodges)**
Sparkles (Lara Fisher)*
Debbie “The Debutante” Danger (Wistar Murray)
Betty Rocker (Margaret Murray)

Celebrity Judges: Ted Genoways of Virginia Quarterly Review, CLAW Poet Laureate Jenny Johnson, and Permanent Lifetime Judge (and musical wunderkind) Jim Waive

August 12, 2008:

Ulysses S. Nopants (Lillie McVey)
Kaity the Harrible (Kaity Harr)
Tragedy Ann (Reagan Greenfield)**
Purple Haze (Amy McLeskey)
The School Marm (Dolly Joseph)*
TBD (Miller Susen)
Jock (B)itch (Michaux Lowry)
A Kept Woman (???)

Celebrity Judges: Activist Musician Stratton Salidis and Permanent Lifetime Judge (and musical wunderkind) Jim Waive

July 8, 2008:

The Homewrecker (Kara Dawson)
Banana Blitz (Jenni Case)
The Punctuator (Cathy Harding)
Mohammed “I’m Hard” Bruce Lee (Sara Elizabeth)
Stiletto Southpaw (Bree Luck)
Sourpussy (Shannon Worrell)
The Great Dane Dame of Pain (Karina Goldstein)
Bridezilla (Serena Gruia)***

Celebrity Judges: City Council Member Holly Edwards and Permanent Lifetime Judge Jim Waive

June 10, 2008:

The Punctuator (Cathy Harding)
Ulysses S. Nopants (Lily McVey)
Purple Haze (Amy McLeskey)
Unholy Betty Roller (Lisa Speidel)
Tinkerhell (Kristin Hennings Solomon)***
Sparkles (Lara Fisher)
The Pitbull (Tara Hodges)
Sara Elizabeth [Mohammed Sugar Ray Cato Bruce Lee]

Celebrity Judges: Permanent Lifetime Judge Jim Waive and members of Straight Punch to the Crotch

May 13, 2008:

Bruta Liza (Amy Kennel)
Ruby Rink-Rash (Patsy Donnelly)
Sparkles (Lara Fisher)
Tragedy Ann (Reagan Greenfield)
Stiletto Southpaw (Bree Luck)
The Pitbull (Tara Hodges)
The ChemMistress (Lauren Neese)
Trixie “The Vault” Mancini (Steph Finn)***

Celebrity Judges: Jim Waive, Cathy Harding, and Brendan Fitzgerald of C-VILLE WEEKLY

April 8, 2008:

Cowgirl Sady-istic (Alix Bryan)
The Prim Reaper (Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell)
The Banana Blitz (Jenni Case)
The Sidewinder (Ros Casey)
The Homewrecker (Kara Dawson)**
Kaity the Harrible (Kaity Harr)*
Bunny Hampton (Amy Noelle Ferguson)
Debbie “The Debutante” Danger (Wistar Watts Murray)

Celebrity Judges: Jim Waive, Adam Gottschalk, and Nick Noe
March 11, 2008:

Magellan (Margaret Murray)
The ChemMistress (Lauren Neese)
Cowgirl Sady-istic (Alix Bryan)
Lefty Red (Sandy Goodson)
Tragedy Ann (Reagan Greenfield)
Stiletto Southpaw (Bree Luck)
The Crone (Kay Ferguson)
Bunny Hampton (Amy Noelle Ferguson)***

Celebrity Judges: Jim Waive, Stephen Barling, Brandon Collins

Feb. 12, 2008:

Debbie “The Debutante” Danger (Wistar Murray)
The Sssssidewinder (Rosamond Casey)
Southpaw Stiletto (Bree Luck)
Ex-President Reagan (Reagan Greenfield)
The ChemMistress (Lauren Neese)
Magellan (Margaret Murray)
Left Red (Sandy Goodson)*
Kaity the Harrible (Kaity Harr)**

Celebrity Judges: Sarah White, Jim Waive

*Crowd favorite
**Winner of the competition
***Winner of both crowd favorite and competition