Hot CLAW in the Summertime!

Hot DAMN! It's just about that time again, ladies n' germs n' gentlewomen n' friend boys n' bitches n' shy guys n' She Ra n' fruit loops n' EVERYBUGGY! What time is that, you ask? You're only asking because you haven't been paying attention, silly. It's CLLLLAAAAAAWWWWW TIIIIIIIIME!!! Tomorrow night! June 21! Blue Moon Diner! 8 pm! Under the stars! If it's under the clouds, we'll move the whole shebang inside old skool CLAW stylee! It's gonna be hot and happenin' and high times! SEE amazing wrasslers including but not limited to: Rainbow Fright! Darth Mater! Sailor Doom! Sarah Painlin! The Decomposer! Afro-Dytee! PLUS GREAT SURPRISES!!!!!!!!!! I MIGHT ALREADY KNOW ABOUT ONE OF THEM BUT I CAN'T TELL YOU GUYS BECAUSE SOOPRIIIIIIIZE! FOR YOU, ANYWAY! I ALREADY KNOW! I KNOW STUFF! FEEL moved to give the wrasslers all your money, and by extension our June beneficiary Luna Cream! Luna Cream is a local start-up owned by a rawkin' woman entrepreneur! Luna Cream pledges to give 10% of its profits to local nonprofits! Luna Cream is creamy dreamy goodness for your skin suit! Check it!!! TASTE the delicious vittles and cold, refreshing bevvies provided by the Blue Moon Diner! SMELL... I don't know what you'll smell. I personally tend to smell my lip gloss pretty strongly on account of it's smeared on my upper lip and that is geographically right below my nose. So. SMELL whatever is right below your nose! WHAT SENSE AM I ON NOW? I have lost track! Whatever! COME OUT to the Blue Moon Diner and have a rip roaring good time because it's CLAW and it's never not the funnest! See youse there and WRISTS UP!
Afro-Dytee wants to see YOU out at CLAW!

Afro-Dytee wants to see YOU out at CLAW!

Photo by the talented Bud Branch.

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