Mommy Wars


Did I get your attention? WAIT DON'T CLICK AWAY I'M JUST KIDDING THIS ISN'T ABOUT THAT. Oh! Unless you do happen to be a mom who also wants to get her war on in a female-wrestling-type-format! Then you should stay! You should stay, and you should read on, and you should ask yourself what you're doing the night of Saturday, May 10, and you should tell yourself that whatever you were going to be doing, you should actually switch to be doing this instead, this being wrestling at CLAW with an entourage of your besties, raising money for a great cause and rocking the hell out of a fabulous alter-ego persona. Like, you could be Working Grrrrl if you're a working mom, and all your entourage peeps could be dressed like executives and then rip their suit coat sleeves off and flex, or you could be The Housefrau if you're a stay at home mom, and your entourage could be smoking cigarettes and wearing house dresses and slippers and foam curlers, or I'm just spitballing here because I think both of those might have already been done by other people? Anyway, this is not exclusive outreach to MOTHERS anyway, you don't have to have a kid or even like kids to like the stuffing out of wrassling. Point being, we're looking for a few good womyns to wrestle on May 10, and if you think you fit that description you should shoot us an email via our contact link and we will contact you back like lightning! POW! ZAP! Internet lightning! And if you're wavering, all like, "Well, I don't know, maybe I just want to couch sit that evening and catch up on back epis of Top Chef," you should check out our beneficiary for this match, which is the good folks fighting the good fight over at The Wayside Center for Popular Education. Look, you can learn all about them here: Motivating, am I right? Those people do more good in a week than I do in... Well, an embarrassingly long amount of time. Possibly a life-length amount. So. Anyhoodle. Gotta go. I'm a stay at home mom type, myself, and these bonbons aren't going to eat themselves, and plus I have a lot of US Weeklys to catch up on. Wrists up and peace out, peoples.