what we did last weekend

In serious preparation for Saturday's up coming wrestling match, some women (Ladies? Well...nah.) from CLAW took a little trip over the mountain to provide half-time entertainment for our friends the Charlottesville Derby Dames. Now, the Dames are old friends of CLAW, having provided us with many a good wrestler as well as being our go-to for security, so we didn't think twice about strapping on our regulation-strength wrestling table and heading to Fishersville for Virginia is for Shovers. There was a little wrestling, there was a little sword swallowing, there was a bed of nails.... You know, our usual deal. It looked a lot like this: if anybody can strap it one, we can And a little like this: Want to see more? Saturday 8/24/13 at the Blue Moon Diner. Gate at 7, wrestling at 8.

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