CLAW: Too Big To Fail

You can't keep a good arm down now, can you? Well, actually, that's the entire point - keeping a good arm down. Or a bad arm. The good arm ends up on top. Right. It's been the weirdest summer ever here in cville: too hot, too humid, too cold, too rainy and we are going to wrap it up for you with a CLAW that is TOO BIG TO FAIL. Just like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play! No, wait. It's CLAW - we are all winners! This round we are wrestling in support of Center for Nonprofit Excellence (that's CNE to you, buster) and, wow, are they an Everybody Wins sort of group. So come to The Blue Moon Diner on Saturday, August 24th so we can all win! Gate opens at 7 pm, wrestling starts at 8 pm. Five dollars gets you in and puts five CLAWbucks in your hot little hand so you can throw some money at your favorite wrestler or bribe an official or a celebrity judge. More CLAWbucks are available throughout the event at the current exchange rate of 1.00. Vote early and often with your wallet!  

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