Upcoming CLAWtastic events and dates

SEPTEMBER 15-- C-Ville Pride We'll be setting up a table at C-Ville Pride. Come by on September 15 from 2 to 6 at Lee Park. Flaming G, Under the Table Ref, Blackbusch, Nurse Cheryl and Schoolmarm will all be making an appearance; you should too. SEPTEMBER 6-30--- The Mad Woman Project THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY 6pm Join many CLAWtypes at an unCLAW event. At 6pm on the Downtown Mall at the intersection of 3rd and Main (In front of Rapture/Chaps) each Thursday, Friday and Saturday, many CLAW friends will be performing in The Mad Woman Project. They will then parade to the Haven for ACT 2. Contact Mendy St. Ours at mstours@gmail.com for more information. Last, but not least. NOVEMBER 3--- CLAW at the Blue Moon Diner. We're not exactly sure how many CLAWs we've done. We're not sure what the theme will be. We're not sure how much money we'll raise, but we do know we'll be raising it for a good cause, The Hamner Theater. Get ready to shake your rumps, work out those biceps and get primed for the coming election. Word has it we'll be pledging allegiance to the Blackbusch Nation.