When Rita Wins, We All Win (if you are big-hearted and not disappointed like all the wrastlers she put the smackdown on)


Photos by Martyn Kyle of Pernmoot Photography www.pernmoot.com

On March 24, 2012, over $3,400 was raised for VOCAL Virginia and Rita the Wrench won the whole thing. She celebrated without shame.

Miller Time, Johnny Longarm and Nurse Cheryl provided the best in safety and crowd facilitation (bribing and betting)

Miller Time struggled with her tiara and Johnny Longarm gave out penalties like they were Skittles.

DJ Western Front making it impossible to be still.

Billy Hunt was there working on the CLAW movie.  Hester Prynne took the popularity award and her entourage escaped captivity and danced like fools.

When Tina and Tammy (the TipTop Twins) were asked who they were, Tina said, "We're idiots."  On that note, we'll see all you idiots in June at SuperClaw.

Many thanks to the wonderful photography of Martyn Kyle.  Check out his daily photography blogwww.pernmoot.com pernmoot.wordpress.com