5 Videos That Have Nothing to Do with President’s Day and EVERYTHING to do with CLAW


NEXT CLAW: MARCH 24, 2012 AT THE BLUE MOON DINER AT 8 PM. BE THERE. Since 2008, Billy Hunt and Brian Wimer have been helping to create, produce, edit and promote the upcoming matches of CLAW. Here's a little video retrospective. Move over Rocky and your raw eggs. Stiletto Southpaw takes us through her morning ritual to prepare for taking on The Punctuator. CLAW recruitment video...and people say wrastlers don't get discovered in diners over veggie burgers anymore... The music video that re-inspired adding pogo stick riding (and van rocking) to the 2012 Summer Olympics Ah...the girls...check out the promo for CLAWNEY ISLAND: Intimate counseling footage of Nurse Cheryl getting some long-awaited mental help: